Clinique BIY™ Blend it Yourself Pigment Drops 10ml - 145

by Clinique

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Perfect the look of your skin with Clinique BIY™ Blend it Yourself Pigment Drops, an innovative solution that transforms your favourite moisturiser into a BB, CC or fuller coverage foundation. Combining skincare with makeup, the pigment drops blend with your moisturiser to create a customised, skin-perfecting product that will expertly even out your complexion. Lending you ultimate control, you can alter coverage intensity by adding as much or little as desired; simply add one drop for a sheer finish, two drops for medium coverage, and three drops for fuller coverage. Blending seamlessly into your moisturiser, the drops will transform your favourite daily skincare into your new favourite foundation. Use a mattifying moisturiser for a shine-free finish, or a dewy face cream for radiant results. Suitable for all skin types. - Biy 145  read more
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